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Specializing in door-to-door shipping solutions, MVP Trading’s comprehensive services result in a streamlined and hands-free process for customers worldwide.

Consolidation:  We offer consolidation services, allowing our clients to conveniently order shipments of different products.  We skillfully manage the entire process from our warehouse, including loading, shipping and delivery.

Shipping:  Whether you need truck, air or ocean container shipping, our logistical expertise can meet your needs.  We offer shipping management services door to door, door to terminal, terminal to terminal, and terminal to door.

Product Inspection:  Our clients enjoy the option of utilizing SGS, an independent, third party inspection company.  SGS can perform pre-shipment inspections that validate the quality and contents of a container, which gives our clients peace of mind.

We look forward to speaking with you and providing a service that can effectively meet your specific needs.
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